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Rehab Thailand Testimonials

Recent rehab Thailand testimonials from guests at our alternative drug, alcohol and addiction treatment centre.

Marci, California USA… “banyantree21 was great rehab to stay and re-focus. Thailand, the people, the whole place helped me feel like the world was on my side”.

Gerry, Swansea UK “I felt settled and calm from the moment I arrived at the rehab. A very peaceful atmosphere that reflects the good feel of Thailand and the food is great! The lady (Nu) from the rehab who massaged me certainly knows how to relax the body and ease the mind. I had never really tried meditation before but the soft introduction really helped, just 10 minutes a day”.

Kathy, Los Angeles USA… “I really am the expert on my own suffering, like all of us. I liked the honesty of the place. No-one preached to me about how I should behave or think. In the group meeting people listened, I listened. We were allowed to disagree and keep our integrity”.

Bill, East Sussex UK… “I had tried two rehabs before coming to banyantree21 but couldn’t stay clean, sober, or happy. I felt like it was the methods that didn’t work but to be honest it was just that I wasn’t ready. I liked the way I was treated here, I felt like a guest, not a client. It was difficult but I learnt to live with my feelings; that I wasn’t a bad person for having bad feelings, nor did I have to pretend to be happy. I have managed to keep drugs and alcohol out of my life for around 9 months now and rarely give it a serious thought. I can’t say that I get up cart-wheeling with joy every morning but I do know how to keep myself safe and clean. I even have a sense of purpose and the odd glimpse of peace, for the first time in many years. The gratitude I have for the staff and people at bt21 reminds me that it can be expanded to other areas in my life. I take things less personally now. Things are not perfect but I take responsibility for myself much more now than I ever did”.

Eduardo, Switzerland… “I am an artist so I was delighted to find out there were classes here teaching art skills. I even held a clay modelling course myself and the people really seemed to enjoy it. I found easy to relax and was happy with the types of activities on offer”.

Echo, Quanzhou, China… “A huge draw for me was the use of herbal treatments. I have always had an interest in traditional medicine and find it to be most effective. I love the fact that herbs have no opinions or agenda”.

Adrian, Hong Kong… “You sense something on arrival. It feels good; new, yet vaguely familiar. You are not sure why. Despite this great start my time at banyantree21 was very challenging. I found the idea of total abstinence uncomfortable and the practice pretty much impossible. I have not managed to stay clean since returning home and am not sure that I even want to. I had many personal challenges but I did love the time I spent there. For the first time in a long time I felt accepted”.

Sue, Swansea, UK… “My son who was a bright and athletic person was reduced to needing a huge amount of alcohol and drugs, this had developed over many years and his addiction had taken over his life. Due to unpredictable behaviour, he was almost certain to end up homeless, even with the support of his family, which was becoming increasingly difficult, due to the emotional strain and conflict he created – coupled with our lack of understanding of how to manage this. The cocktail of prescribed drugs and limited support systems, together with a series of stays at a rehab centre(funded by us), family home, council accommodation, and bedsits seemed to make little difference. Due to contacts in Thailand we were recommended Banyantree21. With few options in the UK left to try, deteriorating mental and physical health and increasing suicidal tendencies, my son agreed to go there. Having liaised with Clifford and Wanvisa who agreed to meet with my son at the airport in Chiang Mai ..he was taken to the beautiful Banyantree21 rehab facility ..pretty much carved out of the jungle. My son participated in the personalised programme and began to respond to the wonderful staff …who understood him and gave him the time and support he needed within this tranquil environment.

After he made the decision to come off his prescribed medication he was cared for in every way. He became increasingly engaged in the therapies …. individual and group work, .healthy eating, exercise, yoga, herbal remedies to name a few. It was such a joy to get a photo of my son relaxing in the grounds, reading a book, I hadn’t seen him looking so well for years. When he had completed his 21 days my husband and I visited Banyantree21 and had a family meeting…this was the first time he was able to acknowledge the effects his addiction had had on us all. After his three week stay he made the decision to extend his stay at the rehab centre and continue to benefit from the knowledge and support he was receiving. After his time at Banyantree21 he decided to move to Chiang Mai, with the support of Clifford, where he continues to attend support groups. Our boy has been alcohol and drug free for a year now ….we are so proud of him, and more importantly he is happy and likes himself (something I thought I would never see again) I would like to thank Banyantree21 staff for enabling my son to live his life alcohol and drug free and would unreservedly recommend this unique and wonderful rehab centre.”

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