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Treatment For GHB Addiction

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Treatment For GHB Addiction

Drug Addiction Detox Treatment | GHB

Our banyantree21 alcohol and drug addiction detox and treatment for rehabilitation programme provides a unique and effective, alternative 21 day residential, herbal Drug Treatment | GHB addiction in a beautiful mountain valley in Chiang Mai, North Thailand. Chiang Mai airport is just a one hour flight from Bangkok.

Drug Treatment | GHB Addiction Detox


Dependence or Addiction?

Drug Treatment | GHB addictionis described as an essentially mental issue whereby the person suffers intense cravings. To give in to this craving seems to relieve the symptoms, yet nearly always creates more reasons for craving, then further consequences.

Addiction does not generally require a detox.

Medical Advice

Our bt21 alcohol and drug addiction treatment programme encourages all those seeking treatment for GHB addiction to consult with their own professional network. This may include a counsellor, doctor, general practitioner, or mental health specialist, for specific advice prior to attending our programme.

Our Rehabilitation Programme

Our 21 day package includes a unique herbal prescription to help withdrawal symptoms and to aid a good night’s rest. The herbal formulas are not addictive. The above is combined with a gentle daily schedule which will help you re-start your life.

Addiction in whatever form it takes can be said to be an act or process we do, in order to avoid our own uncomfortable feelings. We do this without even thinking.

The recovery process reverses this pattern: we groove out some good, healthy habits without even thinking.

GHB addiction, along with many behavioural habits are treated here with a simple yet thoughtful rehabilitation programme of action that is precise and gentle, practical and achievable. You will have an experience that will stay with you, and pick up a toolbox that you can return to, wherever you are in the world.

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