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How to book your drug rehab in Thailand

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Alcohol/Drug Rehab Thailand Booking

Once you have decided you need help, you have already taken a big step. The fun days of your addiction have finished, you get that and so do we, so let’s not waste time re-telling old stories of how bad we were, rationalising our sometimes outrageous schemes and plots, or grieving the good times. Sure, a light-hearted laugh at some of our more calamitous stunts is quite OK, as long as there is a tone of forgiveness in that laugh and we don’t create a new story from it. banyantree21 is your perfect rehab retreat in Asia. As soon as you have decided that bt21 is right for you, book your room without delay. We can guide you through this process.

1. Call or email for a brief assessment and to reserve your room. Your place will be held for 48 hours until payment is received.

2. Pay your deposit or the full amount via our PayPal account or by direct bank transfer. We will send a confirmation email by return.

3. Book your flights! Email your flight details to us and we will pick you up at Chiang Mai airport (CNX).


We can help with practical matters like what to bring, types of clothing, pocket money advice etc but start by taking the first step, the one you can do right now.

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