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“Is bt21 for me?”

“Is bt21 for me?”


“You are looking for a way out of the addiction trap. You are in the right place.
You are very welcome here”


Addiction expresses itself in many forms. Often the most apparent, noticeable, and seemingly action-urgent manifestations are from drug and alcohol mis-use, and due to the life changing and often life threatening consequences of these habits, the bt21 experience is here to show you a solution to these understandable yet ultimately unskilful and dis-empowering coping strategies.

Your addiction may show up in other ways: sex, porn, and/or relationship issues. You may over-work, shop, gamble, smoke, eat or worry. Worst of all is the underlying investment in the belief or thought that life is a thing to be endured, not enjoyed. You may feel tired and hopeless, burnt-out or depressed.

The reccurence of these negative and persistent thought and feeling loops are food for the addiction. It is perhaps not surprising that many with such an experience seek relief. What does not make sense is that we return to addictive processes and substances that keep and feed the suffering. The good news is that there exists, in all of us, something that notices these conditions and wants to be free.

Most of us suspect that there is a problem beyond or before the addictive behaviour has taken hold and whilst it is true that the return to clarity is best achieved by practicing abstinence from your habitual reaction, there is more on offer than just stopping your particular brand of addiction.

You may have tried to find recovery through other means; alcohol and drug treatment rehab, 12 step meetings, or just trying really hard, and feel there is something missing or lacking, either in the ‘system’ or oneself. The bt21 rehabilitation programme experience shows us how to look from a different angle; to increase our awareness of how we perceive ourselves and our place in the world.

With a little willingness and a gentle nudge from the bt21 team, life can become engaging, curious and worthwhile. Let your Self go…

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