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Drug Addiction Detox Purge

Drug Addiction Detox

Purge Treatment

Drug Addiction Detox Purge Treatment

Guests are offered (at no extra cost) the chance to experience our signature purge treatment. This involves drinking a fusion of secret herbs in a lime juice medium. This Drug Addiction Detox Purge recipe is over 100 years old, tastes awful and the immediate effects are pretty uncomfortable; vomiting and diarrhoea clear out toxins from the stomach and colon.

This can last for up to two hours and is usually followed by fatigue. You will be nursed through the process and given cold towels and drinks, and massaged if necessary. After a couple of hours sleep though it will all seem worthwhile!

Guests report remarkable states of well-being after this admittedly quite ungraceful experience. As such it will not be offered to those having recent surgery, are or suspect to be pregnant, or having chronic stomach issues such as ulcers. It is of course, your choice.


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