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Detox: East vs West

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Drug Addiction Detox Treatment


The drug addiction detox treatment you can experience at bt21 is like no other rehabilitation programme in the world; the emphasis is on traditional Lanna herbal ingredients, recipes and delivery methods. (The three main roots for the purge for instance, are gathered from various and specific Northern Thai jungle locations then ground fresh by hand here on our land for around 8 hours!)

The following information is to distinguish and clarify the difference in what is generally known as “Detoxification” or “Detox” in typically Western drug alcohol treatment language, and the treatment in rehabilitation programme offered at bt21 .

1. Herbal Detox

bt21 provide a daily herbal drug addiction detox which starts on day 1 and finishes on day 21. This is essentially a 3 phase process of herbal preparations (including herbs, leaves, bark, seeds, and roots) in the form of hot and cold drinks, tablets and capsules.

Many of the herbs are grown and prepared locally and on site. This is in conjunction with a nutritious diet which includes cooking with fresh herbs and vegetables.

There are three phases:

  • Phase 1: cleanse
  • Phase 2: purge
  • Phase 3: balance

Each detox is prescribed by a Doctor licensed by the Thai government. There are no adverse side effects from taking the herbs which are specifically and individually prescribed, but the benefits are many.

2. Withdrawal Detox

Many people with drug addiction or substance mis-use issues are prescribed medication to help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. These medications include Benzodiazepine type drugs such as Valium (Diazepam) which is typically prescribed for alcohol users, and Methadone for heroin users.

Some have anti-depressants or psychoactive medicines for conditions such as anxiety or to aid sleep and these are prescribed by their existing mental health specialist, doctor, psychiatrist or General Practitioner.

These professionals have in-depth, personal, and often lengthy historic relationships which each person. bt21 want these relationships to continue.

Each guest is encouraged to advise their particular specialist their intention to attend bt21 drug treatment rehabilitation programme and take any advice received, particularly if a reduction or even cessation of any medication is being considered. As such, we will not prescribe or offer advice on reduction or stopping of such drugs, which may be in opposition to professional advice.

In essence, you are encouraged to bring any medications and authorised prescriptions with you, enough to last for 21 days or beyond if considering an extended stay. bt21 will administer these medications daily.

Addictions to specific types of drugs are highly likely to require a medically assisted detox, acute or sub-acute, in a bespoke facility with round the clock medical care overseen by specially trained nursing staff and doctors. These drugs include:

  • Benzodiazepines
  • Alcohol

Guests with chronic or severe addiction to these drugs will take medical advice from their own professional network and undergo such medically assisted detox prior to their arrival; bt21 do not facilitate these.

Those addicted to heroin and prescription opiates are more likely to suffer particularly uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, and although not life threatening, the degree of discomfort and the availability of 24 hour care, a medically assisted detox may be considered.

Alcohol & Benzodiazepines

The sudden and complete stopping of alcohol and Benzodiazepines can be fatal, particularly within the first 3 days of abstinence.

Stimulants, cannabis, and ‘designer’ drugs

Currently there are no licensed or approved pharmacological treatments to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal from these drugs. Our rehabilitation programme providing herbal drug addiction detox treatment can help such conditions and associated sleep problems.

The main qualification for acceptance to the bt21 experience is your own willingness for change. You will be required to complete a physical and mental health/substance abuse appraisal and confirm that your detox is not acute or semi-acute. This can be done via telephone or email. You will also be required to read and sign an Agreement schedule at check-in. You will be over 18 and understand English.

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