We are required to collect and store information from you. This is for assessment and other purposes with the goal of ensuring maximum therapeutic benefit and safety for the guest.

The questions asked and data collected, both written and oral, at assessment stage and otherwise, is used to support this aim and may be on-going.

Such information will be treated as private and confidential and may be shared with the Clinical team members only, to enable a broad view of each guest’s needs. There may be occasions when this policy may be breached. These are generally in exceptional circumstances and may include the following.

when ordered to do so by a court, other legal institution or professional body

when the safety of the individual or others is threatened

progress reports to family members (those previously agreed)

relapse whilst in treatment will usually mean informing other guests to prevent collusion/recruiting.

Guests are encouraged to inform staff if any behaviour or language from others becomes threatening, violent or indicates danger of, or actual relapse. This is allow the staff to deal which such matters and relieve any burden from guests holding such information. Focus on one’s own recovery is of primary importance. Other than the foregoing, it is expected that general information about other guests is kept confidential. Malicious gossip is discouraged.

It can seen that family involvement in recovery may be beneficial. If this is found to be the case (it is not always so), progress reports may be given on request and feedback sought from a previously agreed family member or members. This will help the staff and guests to gain a clearer reflection of the impact of their addiction on others; it is not used to condemn or judge.

Guests and staff are discouraged from posting information, names and images of themselves and others through any means, particularly social media such as FaceBook. This is to protect anonymity and privacy.

We may from time to time use the information we gather for contact (usually email) for promotional, marketing, and feedback purposes.

This will be direct from banyantree21.

No information will be shared with any other third party for any means whatsoever, unless ordered to do so by an appropriate authority.

We will take all reasonable measures to keep such information secure, accurate, relevant, and up to date.

The foregoing is relevant as of the 17th of August 2016 and may be amended or updated as required to suit business needs or changes in legal requirements/guidelines and recommendations.


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