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Rehab Centre Story

“Saman’s Story…”


Case Studies Alcohol Drug Addiction

Wanvisa is co-founder of bt21 and the daughter of Saman. Her father fell very ill around 2007. He was drinking quite heavily and suffered a major stroke that resulted in a blood clot, high blood pressure and paralysis.

He was hospitalised for a month, completely bed-ridden, and then taken home for two months to be nursed after being advised there was nothing more that could be done for him. Saman was told there was very little chance of recovery was given Western medicines that were mainly aimed at reducing symptoms.

The two had already purchased the land here in Chiang Mai but had done very little with it; there was no electricity or buildings, just a small temporary Thai style shed.

They had previously been told by a local shaman that the land had healing properties, and that was the main inspiration for them buying it; other than that they had no real plans for the place. The land was named Inthakin Green Village.

Saman’s illness prompted Wanvisa to bring her Dad here every weekend. They slept in the shed or in a tent, ate good food, breathed in the air, took herbs, and arranged a regular herbal massage. This continued when they returned home.

Within the first month, Saman started to feel better; the numbness from the paralysis had significantly reduced. With the help of a physiotherapist he started to take a few baby steps and eventually came to walk and perform like before the stroke. The doctors were quite puzzled as to how he managed this.

Wanvisa and her father Saman decided that they would start to build on the land, unburdened by questions of who and what and when; they knew why. During the 3 to 4 years of building, Wanvisa studied traditional Thai herbal medicine. She later co-founded banyantree21 to continue the work of healing.

This all happened to Saman around 2007. He has been back at work since the start of his recovery and is still running the family auto repair business in Chiang Mai city. Today he is 67, full of life and loves a game of golf!

He returns to the land every weekend to this day.

“Bill’s Story…”


Case Studies Alcohol Drug Addiction

There’s no nice way to put it: Bill P was in a right mess.

In his mid-thirties and living home alone in the UK, he was drinking himself to death in isolation, only rarely leaving his small apartment and this was usually to top-up his supply of booze. The amount of alcohol he was consuming every day was quite unreal. His GP prescribed him a cocktail of other drugs including high doses of Valium and Seroquel (quetiapine).

He was bloated, depressed, suicidal and felt hopeless and in deep despair.

His long-suffering Mother contacted bt21 and we soon picked him up from Chiang Mai airport. Bill was not exactly brimming with enthusiasm on arrival but the despair he felt gave him the small amount of willingness needed for change.

Bill’s first few days were lived quite simply. Good air, gentle walks, herbs, massage, a little meditation, some sunshine, and freedom to continue taking the medications prescribed from home.

After about a week Bill decided to try the ‘purge’ treatment. He suffered quite badly with cramps during this process and he also disclosed that he had often endured cramps previously.

Bill then decided to reduce his Valium intake that had been mainly prescribed to help with alcohol withdrawals and to aid him sleep. By the end of 21 days he had reduced his intake to nil, was sleeping well and had lost around 10 kg in weight.

We agreed with his request to extend his stay and by the end of his second 21 days Bill had tapered off his Seroquel meds, lost a similar amount of weight and increased his exercise and meditation.

It is very important to point out that the decision to decrease and eventually stop taking prescribed meds was Bill’s decision alone; he had experienced a change of heart from within.

Bill left bt21 in great shape; healthier, free of drugs and alcohol and has gained some confidence in looking after himself. He continues to thrive, has a new lust for life and now helps others to do the same.

His Mum is also seems much happier!

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