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3 Herbs Away From Beating Addiction?

After years of studying at college, the founder of Banyantree21, Wanvisa, is the making of what stands today at the rehab centre in terms of the herbal medicine offered to guests to treat addiction.

Wanvisa’s teacher is one of the best in Thailand; Ajan Kitti, our herb Doctor.

The method and process used at banyantree21 rehab is similar to the famous Thamkrabok Monastery, located 150 kilometres north of Bangkok in the province of Saraburi; the facility that has been treating addiction for over 50 years and is normally referred to as the toughest rehabilitation clinic in the world. There are differences between the two.

Source: http://wat-thamkrabok.org

The Difference

Thamkrabok Monastery: There is little indulgence at the monastery and life can be tough. The daily routine starts early at 4:30am with a floor sweeping exercise, and only one meal a day at 7am. Monks will lead ritual chanting every evening at 6:30pm. Everyone should wear uniforms, hand over personal belongings at the start of their stay and vomit into a drain located on site. This is one tough process but the success rates say everything.

The Monastery is reported to use 101 herbs, grinded and mixed into a 25ml glass for consumption. For the first five days, addicts take the herbal medicine to help with a rapid detox, causing immediate vomiting. Addicts are expected to stay at least a week after they make their vow, but are welcome to reside for weeks until they feel mentally and physically cleansed.

Reference: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/Detox

Interestingly, this East-West detox has treated over 100,000 addicts since 1959 and claims a 95% success rate so it’s fair to say that the herbal medicine speaks for itself.

Banyantree21 – Our 21-day detox program follows a three-step process focusing on each stage involved in ridding the body of toxins, associated with drugs and alcohol.

We use three herbs and roots (compared to the 101 the Monastery use). It is our secret recipe and we plan to keep it that way. It is gathered from various Northern Thai jungle locations and our own land. It is then grounded fresh by hand for around eight hours by our on-site staff.


During the cleanse phase, our guests are given daily herbs such as warm ginger tea in the morning, chilled chlorophyll after lunch, and an evening passion flower calming brew which helps you sleep like a baby.

The result: It helps clear your body from toxins and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.


A deeper cleanse involving drinking a lime and sour flavoured, herb-infused drink from a jug. It helps to clean deeper and remove more toxins to give your body the natural ability to cleanse itself. It doesn’t taste too great and it will make you vomit, but the results do speak for themselves.

The result: The body is purged of the toxins and reset to its naturally healthy foundation.



Helping you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle is exactly what this third phase will do. With herbal drinks and healthy food, to meditation and yoga, or jungle walks, this time is for you. You can even indulge in some Western style relaxation, like watching a movie!

The result: The mind notices that the body feels comfortable and at ease from addiction. It wants more of this feeling!

Addiction Treatment ScheduleReference: https://banyantree21.com/addiction-rehab-centre-gallery

Our daily routine starts with breakfast, and a jungle walk or stroll around our 14-acre resort followed by activities to punctuate your day. These routines include three healthy meals served at 8am, 12.30pm and 6.30pm. We like to relax and we’re sure you do, too.

This fusion of cultures ensures that we get the best of both worlds: “Where East meets West there is no divide”.

By no means have we treated as many people as the Thamkrabok Monastery but we do have a success rate to be proud of and aim to maintain this. Why? Addiction recovery and Thai herbal medicine is our passion.

You are only three herbs away from changing your life.


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