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21 days

The bt21 alternative addiction treatment centre experience is designed to give maximum benefit in the shortest time. Here, you will experience the change and clarity you seek in just 21 days.

“You sense something on arrival. It feels good; new, yet vaguely familiar. You are not sure why…”

Addiction Treatment Centre

21 days. To some, that can seem like a lifetime. To others, a drop in the ocean. It’s all a matter of perspective…

Once you have decided you need help, you have already taken a big step. The fun days of your addiction have finished, you get that and so do we, so let’s not waste time re-telling old stories of how bad we were, rationalising our sometimes outrageous schemes and plots, or grieving the good times. Sure, a light-hearted laugh at some of our more calamitous stunts is quite OK, as long as there is a tone of forgiveness in that laugh and we don’t create a new story from it.

So we save time from the beginning and apply it wisely to what we have left.

We achieve that by helping you to feel welcomed, qualified and motivated from the moment you arrive. You will be given nutritious food and herbs, breathe in the fresh air of the mountains, encouraged to relax, helped to sleep well, and offered some simple forms of exercise such as a 30 minute forest walk or longer if you’re up for it. Whatever suits you, it is not a competition.

After two or three days we can have a look at what does not serve you too well. The key here is to look at it from a place of relative calm. No hurried, desperate attempts to demonize yourself. You slowly reveal yourself TO yourself. You can share insights or changes in group discussions, 1 on 1 with a facilitator, or just let them unravel in their own way. This gentle process is repeated over 21 days. The herbs help heal the mind and body without any force.

You will be set specific tasks and assignments which may not always feel comfortable, but you will be supported and encouraged and lifted to a position nearer to neutral acceptance as opposed to judgement and self-loathing. You are met with a warm welcome and encouraged to take it easy, relax, and most importantly, be yourself.

Spend a couple of days and nights enjoying the people here and your surroundings; it really is a beautiful location and you are part of it. Take a few of our treatments, a massage, a forest walk, yoga, you choose: as many or as little as you like. Find your own pace. From this soft position, we are better placed to have a peek behind the curtain, without judgement. We can change from being our own worst enemy to being our own best friend. You will need to do some work on yourself, to see yourself as you are, not what you imagine, and you will be guided through this gentle process. Only a little amount of your willingness is required.

We do not claim to make you happy; that is your own responsibility. We do however, help you to see through the blocks that can obscure your natural state of well-being. It is already within you.

When your attention is drawn to the feelings, even the uncomfortable ones like anxiety and anger, you notice it passes quicker and that there is a you observing it rather than being it. From this place good moods arise and you notice them too. The mind softens, allowing things to be as they are. You do not have to control or avoid them.

The calm mind is open to inspiration, to clarity of thought and to new ideas that often inspire us to take a positive action. It is this positive action that draws us forward; we no longer feel compelled to look back with remorse and regret. With a little practice this action, the energy from the mood or feeling that drives and arises from it, becomes our new habit. We are empowered. 21 days is all it takes. A lifetime or a drop in the ocean? It’s all a matter of perspective…

At some stage during the 21 days at our addiction treatment centre, your perspective WILL change. You may decide to deepen the experience, to groove out your newly-formed habits. You can always decide to extend your stay here, either from initial booking OR whilst you are here. An extension from existing guests will not be up-sold; you will not meet any pressure to stay. You may well find that 21 days is indeed enough. It’s all a matter of perspective…

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