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Daily Schedule

Addiction Rehab Schedule

Addiction Rehab Daily Schedule

Here’s an overview of our daily customisable Addiction Rehab Schedule at banyantree21.

Each day will include some of our mindful activities as following:

  • Group meetings
  • One to one personal counselling
  • Yoga classes (Breathing and posture focused)
  • Qi-Gong classes
  • Mindfulness through Photography
  • Dance classes (Mandala dance, 5rhythms dance)
  • Clay modelling/art workshop
  • Body-Scan Meditation classes
  • Forest Therapy
  • Evening bonfire
  • Thai cooking classes
  • Traditional Thai massage
  • Tok Sen massage
  • Herbal steam sauna

All Mindfulness-Based Addiction Treatment Classes in our daily Addiction Rehab Schedule held by English speaking teachers.

Pick and choose what’s on offer, find something you enjoy. There will be plenty of free time to relax, just curl up with a book, or watch a movie in our TV/DVD lounge. The library is well-stocked and has a lovely, peaceful atmosphere.

It is worth repeating that the emphasis is to help you experience your own well-being first, then to look at any ‘issues’, from that perspective.

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