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Rehab Centre Chiang Mai
Addiction Rehab Centre Gallery

Take a tour around our alternative, beautiful addiction rehab centre which is located in the ancient Kingdom of Lanna, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, in a naturally beautiful mountain valley.



Addiction Rehab Centre Gallery

Imagine a vast, peaceful flat meadow, deep in the forest surrounded by trees and mountains, where a river runs through the land. Huge bamboo of contrasting colour, banyan trees and native plants adorn the 14 acre grounds and provide a tranquil playground for visiting butterflies and singing birds.

The grounds are naturally beautiful and spacious and we breathe in fresh, mountain air. Every morning feels like a new start.
It is a kind of oasis. We have our own natural water supply drawn up from underground spring which is pumped around the buildings. Fresh drinking water is gathered daily from the well. This is filtered and pumped to the rooms for showers and toilets.
The resort is 100% off-grid: electricity comes from 192 solar panels acting as a roof over the office and dining area.
The night sky can be breathtaking.

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