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“Where East meets West there is no divide”

Addiction Treatment Centre


banyantree21 is an addiction rehab treatment centre, we provide 21 days residential immersion in traditional Eastern local and cultural expressions of kindness and healing, combined with a fresh look at classic Western psychological addiction strategies, without excessive indulgence in its perceived origins or manifestations.

It is a unique addiction rehab treatment centre facility located in the ancient Kingdom of Lanna, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, in a naturally beautiful mountain valley.

An alternative to historic treatment centre or rehabilitation systems, we move away from over-analysing and excessive thinking, accepting that you are the expert on your suffering.

We have re-kindled some ancient and traditional herbal remedies in our rehabilitation programme and practices specific to the Lanna Kingdom, and combined them with some of the more useful contemporary Western approaches to achieve the best of both worlds.

Alcohol and drug addiction, along with many behavioural habits are treated here with a simple yet thoughtful programme of action that is precise and gentle, practical and achievable. You will have an experience that will stay with you, and pick up a toolbox that you can return to, wherever you are in the world.

At our addiction rehab treatment centre, you can start to benefit from this experience straight away: after a brief assessment you could be here in just a couple of days!

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“You are looking for a way out of the addiction trap. You are in the right place. You are very welcome here”


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Addiction expresses itself in many forms. Often the most apparent, noticeable, and seemingly action-urgent manifestations are from drug and alcohol mis-use, and due to the life changing and often life threatening consequences of these habits, the bt21 experience is here to show you a solution… <continue…>

Herbs vs Drugs In Treating Addiction

Herbs vs Drugs In Treating Addiction OK let’s narrow it down a bit: we are not glorifying all herbs or demonising all drugs, and some herbs are drugs, and some drugs are herbs. Drugs. When we talk of drugs, we mean the type people use and then end up wanting not to...

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